Building Construction

AKK has built various types of buildings from residential developments to any other special type of building.

Swimming Pools

AKK offers end to end services in the design & construct of swimming pools, supply and installation of pool equipments such as sand filters, transfer pumps, water re-circulation pumps for any kind of applications. We also work on water fountains, water play features, cascades and many kinds of water features.

Plumbing & Water Supply

AKK pioneered the design and installation of hot and cold water plumbing networks for development projects such as luxury apartments,star class hotels, hospitals, garment factories and infrastructure water supply schemes. It includes the design and installation of sewer and waste plumbing systems. AKK also installs transfer pumps, booster pumps, centrifugal pumps and circulation pumps in water supply systems.

Waste Water & Sewage Treatment Plants

AKK undertakes customized turnkey sewer treatment and water treatment plants for projects.

Water Proofing

AKK is the local agents for “Bondall” (Australian) products which is been used as a cementations water proofing application. The product is been used in projects like swimming pools, bath rooms, roof terraces in residential buildings.

Grounds & Sprinkler Systems

We undertakes grounds and earthworks to be developed since we owns a heavy machinery fleet. Design, Build and Installation of sprinkler systems, Ground Irrigation systems are other areas we pioneered in.